Redefining The Economy to Meet Our True Needs

An economic system should provide a social foundation of well-being, and that no one should fall below that baseline. It also sets a ceiling of ecological damage to our planet that we should not cross. Between the two lies the doughnut itself, a safe and just space for all.

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Lessons Learned from Community Sourced Capital

Locally based financing helps local economies thrive by keeping dollars flowing in the local economy and maintaining aligned incentives for community value creation. Community Sourced Capital, a crowd-sourced zero-interest lending platform, developed a system of financing loans under $50,000 for neighborhood businesses

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Meet Mo!, Organizer at Got Green

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People's Economy Lab leader Mo! from Got Green smiling

Mo! grew up in a community of social justice organizers in Chicago. Her first experience with a People’s Economy came when she moved out of her Mom’s house at age eighteen and into the Stone Soup Cooperative. Living at Stone Soup she witnessed a highly effective, democratically run organization that provided affordable, communal places to live. She began to learn about other cooperative enterprises like worker cooperatives and consumer cooperatives, and has pursued that interest ever since.

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Ventures: Equity in Entrepreneurship

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Beto Yarce of Ventures giving a speech to a crowd of people

To build an economy that is truly inclusive, we have to look at all aspects of economic development. This is particularly true in the Puget Sound region, where the recent influx of wealth has not resulted in economic prosperity for everyone.

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