New Economy Washington
(NEW) Frontline Community Fellows

In partnership with Front and Centered, and funded by Communities of Opportunity, the New Economy Washington (NEW) Frontline Community Fellowship Program supports entrepreneurs from communities of color who are integrating the principles and practice of a Just Transition. Each fellowship project aims to have a community impact, demonstrating core principles of democracy and self-determination, environmental sustainability, equity, and creates shared economic well-being for communities. The collective vision is bold, innovating and originating out of BIPOC communities, supported by a growing community of BIPOC thought partners, social impact entrepreneurs, investors for good, policy advocates, and creatives.

Meet our inaugural 2021 cohort of changemakers who are exploring solutions to the stark lessons learned from the impacts of the COVID crisis, racial injustice, and economic instability for millions of people. They are imagining a new economy – one that envisions sustainable, equitable, and healthy communities. The fellows are joined by four New Economy learning peers who are also developing innovative projects.

Meet the 2021 Frontline Community Fellows:

Asia Tail

Yəhaw̓ Project

Analia Bertoni

Villa Communitaria

Mark Jones, Ph.D

Sunyata Group

Ariel Bangs

Plant-Based Food Share

Lata Ahmed

Drivers Union project

Elizabeth Baskerville

Danny Woo Community Garden, Earthling design LLC

Joycelyn Chui

CID and environmental justice community


Njuguna’s Program Description

Driver’s Union

Plant Based Food Share

Restaurant 2 Garden

Villa Comunitaria


Fellowship Selection Committee

In order to integrate the important community perspectives and insights necessary for the success of the NEW Frontline Community Fellowship, we formed a Selection Committee that guided the process so that the criteria, review, and selection of Fellows demonstrated the principles and values of our vision for a New Economy.

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