We’re searching for a Strategic and Operational Planner

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  • Post published:February 15, 2023
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People’s Economy Lab is looking for a strategic and operational planning facilitator or facilitation team to lead us in reflecting on our past and current work, clarify our vision and values, create goals for the next three years, and determine what infrastructure is needed to carry out these goals.

Please help us spread the word! We’re looking for someone who has an understanding of just transition and solidarity economy principles, as well as racial and environmental justice.

Download the Request for Strategic Planner scope of work and application instructions.


What is the budget for this project?

We have a budget range of $20,000-$30,000.

How much time and energy are PEL Lab Leaders able to commit to this process?

We don’t have a firm number of hours we’re looking to commit, but we’re all excited about the process and expect to be involved in a co-creative capacity. In general, we think we’ll be able to commit to three half-day group sessions and shorter one-on-ones or group sessions as needed. A couple of us also have more time to commit to writing, wordsmithing, etc. of the deliverables, likely a couple hours a week each. We expect that additional stakeholders, like our community leadership committee, will have capacity for a couple shorter sessions and potentially one of the half-day sessions.

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