Economics for Emancipation King County

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Imagine an economy that serves people, instead of people serving the economy. Where community and worker-owned businesses meet local needs. Where the government is driven by participation instead of partisan politics. Where investing means closing the racial wealth gap instead of making the rich richer. To get to the economy we need, we need to get under the skin of the economy we think we know. 

That’s why People’s Economy Lab, supported by funding from Communities of Opportunity, is hosting an Economics for Emancipation learning cohort in King County this August through November. Join us for a deep dive into understanding the “economy” that you won’t find in economics class or by watching stock tickers.

Economics for Emancipation is “a seven-module introductory curriculum with interactive and participatory workshops” created by the Center for Economic Democracy. “It offers a deep critical dive into the current political economic system, exploration of alternative economic systems, and dynamic tools to dream and build the economy that centers care, relationship, and liberation.”

For Economics for Emancipation King County, People’s Economy Lab will use the Economics for Emancipation curriculum as a foundation, building on it with our unique expertise and local connections.

Topics will include:

  • What is the economy?
  • Use value, exchange value, surplus value
  • Neoliberal capitalism, colonialism & the circuit of slavery
  • Alternative economic systems
  • Just Transition & solidarity economy
  • Community Wealth Building
  • Participatory governance and well-being economies
  • Reflection & action planning

This is an opportunity for change makers to join a learning community on collective root cause solutions. We plan to select a cohort of 15-20 participants, prioritizing Black, Indigenous, and people of color. We’re looking for King County community members, staff and board from BIPOC-led community-based organizations and philanthropic organizations, artists, organizers, government employees and elected and appointed leaders.

We’re looking for people who are curious about alternative economic systems, including people who may know a lot about one area, like financial systems or entrepreneurship, but want to understand alternative economic systems and movements more broadly. Most importantly, we want participants who will apply and share this knowledge within their workplaces and communities. You must be affiliated with a group to participate, whether that’s a nonprofit, government agency, foundation, community group, collective, business, or something else.

The E4E King County learning cohort will meet on Zoom every other Thursday, 12-1:30pm, for eight sessions total, August 15-November 21, 2024. We’ll also offer one or two in-person relationship building opportunities.

Economics for Emancipation King County is free! If your employer can’t pay you to attend, or they need support to help you attend, we’ll give you a $75 stipend per session. (As long as you attend at least five out of eight sessions.)

We hope you’ll consider applying, or share this opportunity with other people who might like to apply. 

If you want to learn more before applying, we held an info session on June 12. Watch the info session recording on Youtube.

Applications are due June 30, 2024 by midnight. Fill out this Google form to apply. Or, let us know if the Google form isn’t accessible to you. We’ll work with you to find another option.

Email [email protected] with any questions.