People’s Economy Lab Community Capital Working Group

Who We Are

We are leaders in Seattle’s community with a shared vision for a vibrant inclusive economy that focuses on:

  • Increased access to affordable, relevant, innovative capital for communities of color, immigrants and refugees, and women owned small businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Democratizing who participates in investing and empowering wealth redistribution and control by people in their communities


What We Do

We meet quarterly to build relationships, share information, knowledge and experience to design inclusive community-driven solutions to improve our economy.

In addition to the core working group, we host conversations with broader stakeholder groups in the community capital ecosystem, including CDFIs, credit unions, community banks, funders, investors, etc.

In 2019, we hosted a convening to address current issues and barriers, including the lack of access to affordable capital.

Working Group Members

Erin Adams, Seattle Good Business Network
Dion Cook, Denkyem Coop
Kenny Shelton, Denkyem Coop
Kate Donnelly, Tiedemann Advisors
Caleb Jackson, Uplift Investments
Lindsey Shelley, formerly Community Sourced Capital

Sandhya Nakhasi, Community Credit Lab
Ryan Glasgo, Community Credit Lab
Ruth Sawyer
Boting Zhang, City of Seattle, Office of Planning and Community Development

The committee is led by Shiho Fuyuki and Njuguna Gishuru of the People’s Economy Lab.